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Register for the 2023 Grow-NY Summit

Meet the 2023 Grow-NY finalists when they pitch their startups for a chance at a combined $3 million, including a $1 million top prize, at the 2023 Grow-NY Summit.

Experience The Grow-NY Effect for yourself at this two-day event that showcases food and ag innovations that have the power to address main street economic health, the climate crisis, and how we feed our growing population.

The event is designed for startups, companies, investors, resource providers, researchers, entrepreneurs, farmers, students, and anyone who is passionate about tackling the challenges facing our agrifood system. Registration is $65 for in-person attendees, $25 for students, and virtual registration is free.

What’s up with the 2022 winner?

Grow-NY 2022 Winner

2022 Grow-NY grand prize winner ProAgni is working with Austrianova to further its mission of advancing probiotics to provide multiple benefits for cattle farming. ProAgni drew inspiration from the workings of Kangaroo gut bacteria in the startup’s founding and is now collaborating with Austrianova to produce more shelf-stable probiotic additives for cattle feed through the Biotech’s patented Bac-in-a-Box encapsulation tool.

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