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Newark awarded $10 million in NYS’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative program

LOCATE Finger Lakes congratulates Mayor Jonathan Taylor, the Newark Village Board and Matt Horn of MRB for their perseverance and success in winning a $10 million award from the New York State DRI program.

Coverage from FL Times:

A big win for Newark: Village awarded $10 million in state’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative program

By STEVE BUCHIERE – Dec 3, 2021
NEWARK — The village vied for the past four years for the $10 million prize in the state’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative program.

NEWARK — The village of Newark has vied for the $10 million prize in the state’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative for four years, including …

Coverage from

Newark celebrates DRI award

The village of Newark is going to have a Merry $10 million dollar Christmas. Governor Kathy Hochul announced this week the village was among the winners in Round 5 of the Downtown…

Newark wins $10 million in DRI funding

The village of Newark is the latest winner of $10 million dollars in Downtown Revitalization funds. “Investing in our downtowns is vital to reigniting New York’s recovery,” Governor Kathy Hochul said. “These awards will enhance Rochester…



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