Locate Finger Lakes Business Journal recognizes Finger Lakes’ company Real Eats from Geneva, New York as one of the best meal delivery company in the nation published a feature this week highlighting the best meal delivery services in America. The article highlight’s Geneva, NY based Real Eats and was written by Erica Puisis from Forbes Personal Shopper contributor group.

Puisis begins by writing, “If wondering what’s for dinner has become your new nightly routine—leading to an hour of indecision at the grocery store or flipping through a stack of takeout menus—it’s time to make a change. While the lofty goal of weekend meal prepping sounds appealing, it can be hard to make it a reality with family, work, and social schedules to balance. But the best meal delivery services make it easy to count on a fresh, tasty meal any night of the week—and they might cost less than you think.”

The publication chose Real Eats as the “Best Meal Delivery Service For Variety”.

Real Eats

Below is the profile on Real Eats that appeared on

Real Eats makes it real easy to enjoy a variety of fresh, flavorful meals with minimal effort. Each vacuum packed meal simply needs to be boiled “sous-vide” style, or can be popped out of its packaging and into the microwave for a quicker heat-and-eat option. The food pouches are 100 percent food-safe and BPA-free.

Scanning the menu, you’ll find at least a dozen options for lunch and dinner, including three bestsellers and several Chef’s Picks. You can also order protein and sides a la carte, giving you a chance to craft your own meals—while someone else does the cooking. Real Eats is also unique in that it offers a wide variety of add-ons, such as smoothies, snack bars, cheese, hummus and more.

This meal delivery service keeps its eye on quality and variety and delivers everything you need for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks—just supply your own beverage of choice (or check out these beer delivery services to put your libations on autopilot, too).

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