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FLCC: Living its Values

FLCC President Robert Nye featured in the Finger Lakes Times

CANANDAIGUA — The college admissions scandal known as Operation Varsity Blues has plenty of people talking about what it says about our society and about higher education.  What drove parents to spend outrageous sums to send their children to elite schools?  We may never know the whole story, but as a community college president, I am disappointed by the shadow this has cast on the higher education community. It certainly does not accurately reflect our students who are working, going to school and striving to achieve their goals to move on to even bigger and better things in life.

At Finger Lakes Community College, we have a learning framework with four overarching values that guide
our students and our college each and every day. When you walk in our doors, you will see them prominently displayed: inquiry, vitality, perseverance, and interconnectedness.  We challenge ourselves to ask how our current learning activities and new initiatives reflect our values. Sometimes we get caught up in the day-today, but when we can put our values first, we succeed. For instance, over dozens of students from Marcus Whitman High School to use our science labs to learn about DNA. It allowed us to model our value of inquiry and foster interconnectedness with our school district partners. Perhaps we will inspire future biologists
and medical researchers who will make a difference for others as a result.

This is the kind of image of higher education that I would prefer to share with our community. To that end, I invite you to come to an FLCC event in the future — whether it is our Spring Visit Day on Saturday, April 6, our Muller Field Station Open House in Honeoye on April 13, or our Spring Arts Festival on May 3. Come meet our faculty, staff and students who are proud of our college and see firsthand how we live our values every day.  Dr. Robert K. Nye is the president of Finger Lakes Community College.

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