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CCN International…Worldwide Creativity and Innovation Located in the Finger Lakes

What do the following have in common? A multi-million dollar car museum in Newport, Rhode Island; a national real estate office in Chicago; the U.S. State Department embassy in Great Britain; a National Football League team; a long list of at least 100 Fortune 500 Companies including Whirpool, Ford Motor Company, Microsoft, and Dow Chemical; and the world corporate headquarters of a number of high tech giants?

The answer is that each of these diverse, global, and highly sophisticated venues selected its high end, custom made, premier office furniture be produced and manufactured in the heart of the Finger Lakes by CCN International, located in Geneva, New York.

Relocation to the Finger Lakes

CCN International has been manufacturing quality refined furniture to specific customer requirements for executive offices, boardrooms, administrative workspaces, and reception areas for four decades. CCN’s beginnings were in Rochester, New York when the company, founded in 1972 by Anne Nenneau, was known as the Furniture Collaborative. About a decade later Richard Conoyer joined as a partner and together they grew the company’s customer base and national reputation. Within a few years the partners made the decision to relocate the company to the Finger Lakes area.

When seeking to move the company’s expanding manufacturing business in 1986, CCN International President Richard Conoyer described their priority was to locate in close proximity to the thruway; to an area with a ready, talented and trainable labor force with a solid work ethic; and he was encouraged, most importantly, by the support of the local government officials and economic development professionals in the Finger Lakes region. “It was the willingness of the City of Geneva and the County of Ontario and their support…without that support we couldn’t have done it.” President Conoyer continued, “Geneva and Ontario County provided CCN International with what others couldn’t: support and the opportunity to expand our business into something great.”

Talented, Loyal Employees

Raised on a farm in rural Missouri, Dick Conoyer brought with him to CCN, hardworking, small town values.  The collaboration between CCN International and the region was a great fit, and has benefitted not only the company, but the central Finger Lakes economy as well. Growing the company into a recognized world leader in custom office furniture with a client list full of Fortune 500 Companies is significant, but President Conoyer does not believe that is his company’s biggest accomplishment.

For 32 years, CCN International has kept over 100 workers in full employment, and the average CCN employee has worked for the company for 18 years.  “The workforce is very good here at CCN, and produce the best quality products in the industry.” President Conoyer states. “The employees at CCN are trained to work on teams in specific areas to get the best result out of their product, and simply no other company builds a better product. Our employees are very proud of what they produce.”

Quality manufacturing, and precision in meeting customer requirements and specifications are factors that distinguish CCN International from its competitors. In comparison to other furniture manufactures, CCN utilizes hands-on skilled labor techniques and skilled craftsmanship, in conjunction with state-of-the-art high technology. Most furniture manufacturers strictly utilize machines without ever using skilled woodworking craftsmen to make the product. Hands-on labor, skilled precision and perfection by professional craftsmanship distinguishes CCN’s products. The company also has the ability to offer customized solutions to fit their customer’s individual needs. These factors are what lands CCN the challenging projects for prestigious customers and enhances its reputation not only nationally, but worldwide.

Internationally Renowned

You won’t find any of CCN International’s product in the showroom of your favorite furniture store. It’s also unlikely that most people will be able to identify or describe CCN International products or customer base. However, if you call the leading architects and designers in North America they are likely to know exactly what CCN International does, and the variety of quality products made by the company.

CCN International’s positive reputation with high level architectural and design firms leads the company to clients that read like a “who’s who” of corporate and business icons. CCN International is often recommended by architectural and design firms headquartered all across the United States and Great Britain. Their clients desire a specific look for their offices, and have had their pick of any furniture company in the world, but choose CCN International with confidence that the Finger Lakes company could best supply their needs. CCN International routinely works with other large American corporations such as Ford Motor Company, Dow Chemical, Microsoft and many more.

A Bright Future

The future of CCN International looks as bright as its glowing reputation. The company is looking to expand in the Finger Lakes in the near term by adding additional heated warehouse space. This expansion will enable CCN International to store additional raw materials, make its production schedules more efficient, and meet increased customer demand for its products.

Locate Finger Lakes is proud to profile CCN, a fine example of a creative, innovative company with a global cliental, located in the heart of the Finger Lakes region.

CCN International

200 Lehigh Street
Geneva, New York 14456

Year Founded: 1972 by Anne Nenneau
President: Richard Conoyer, who is co-owner with Anne
Number of Employees: approximately 100
Representative Customers: Over 100 Fortune 500 companies, including: Microsoft, Dow Chemical, Whirlpool, Ford Motor Company, Johnson & Johnson.
Locally in the Finger Lakes: Lyons National Bank.

CCN International website:

LOCATE Finger Lakes interns authored this LOCATE Finger Lakes Business Journal report: MacKenzie LeVan, a senior marketing major at St. John Fisher College; Harrison DeMaira, a junior at Hobart College majoring in Media and Entrepreneurial Studies; and Devin Cooper-Vastola, a senior at Hobart College, majoring in media and society and psychology.

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