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Announcing the Northeastern Dairy Product Innovation Competition

Grow-NY, in partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture’s Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center and Cornell University’s Northeast Dairy Foods Research Center, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Northeastern Dairy Product Innovation Competition, which funds and supports food innovators to pursue value-added dairy products made from dairy ingredients produced in the Northeast.

Northeastern Dairy Product Innovation Competition

To meet consumer demand for dairy products that address a range of dietary and lifestyle needs, dairy entrepreneurs, including those making value-added products on organic and small farms, need access to entrepreneurial and technical support. This initiative will fast track products reaching the market while increasing utilization of dairy ingredients in the Northeast.

Up to 10 innovators will receive $20K in participant support, as well as business incubation services such as product prototyping and optimization, food safety and compliance training, and help developing a business plan for bringing products to market. Of these 10 innovators, up to three will be selected to receive an additional $55K and given a presence at the 2023 Dairy Innovation Showcase at the 2023 Grow-NY Summit.

The competition is open to all startups located in any state in the United States that are pre-formation or early-stage, have a viable and scalable business model, and are ready to commit to scaling their products if they are selected as finalists, utilizing milk produced in the Northeast.

Applications are now open through March 31, 2023.


The Dairy Innovation team is offering a series of virtual information sessions for interested applicants to learn more about the program. After a short presentation, info session attendees will have the chance to ask questions.

Have more questions? Contact the Dairy Innovation team at 
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